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Apr 28, 2023 09:57 AM
Hello,Its my great honor to have this interview, my name is …, now I will introduce myself briefly. Let me start from education.
I got my master’s degree from the university of Edinburgh, my major is Sensor& Imaging Systems, which belongs to Computer Science and Automation areas. So I have a certain understanding around computer software & hardware. Having study the job description. I am confident I have the qualities needed to excel in this role. During my master's degree, I had experience with Intel collaborative projects related to computer performance computing. I can quickly get started with some software used in the lab, so I am a fast learner.
In addition I can also bring to this role is the engineering skills & team management ability which from robotic competitions and professional project experience in Zhejiang University. I have served as Research Assistant in Fast Lab since last year, and I participated in a major IoT Robotic project. During internship my sales commission increased 100% because except scientific research, I also responsible for the management of team equipment. Help team analyze and compare the products of different manufacturers. Strengthen the suppliers relationship.
In terms of work, I believe I am a positive, observant, organized person. I enjoy using my major skills to provide Red Bird students with technical support in Maker Space.
HKUST is one of the world's top-tier institutions. The Guangzhou campus has good development opportunities. I am looking forward to using my knowledge to grow up with the RBMS group, You need talent and I need an opportunity,thanks for your time