There is a wridely perception in contemporary society that the amount of anti-social behaviour and lack of respect for ours is
proliferating,In the following essay, the causes of this issue will be firstly discussed and some solutions to it will be offered secondly.

To my knowledge, one of the principle reasons for this issue is that the society and environment we lived in tend to be out of control. The information we get from TV, radio programs and the Internet have become more and more freedom, and he teenagers can get anti-social information easily from these social medias,at the same time, teenagers,being effort ed easily by others, tend to do the same actions they have know. Ano ter contributing factor is that due to the faster and faster pace of living,people tend to be under a society with greater pressure. Consequently, hey are more emotional and more likely to do some anti-social behaviour when they can't control themselves.

To avoid this situation,I assert that its root causes must be first addressed.Perhaps he most effective way is education. By teaching people what is right and what is wrong,㘩society helps them to establish them own values based on the social moral standard, another method of solving this problem lie with the government which is responsible to help people in need get out of pressureIt might be useful to build a welfare system to improve citizens happiness..

In conclusion,based on the arguments mentioned above, I am convinced that the amount of anti-social behaviour will be greatly reduced

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