Nice to meet U professors Luo ! Thanks for having me here, and I'm very honored to have the opportunity for this interview. My name is Zhenchao , I'm 25 years old, I would like to introduce myself brifly from three main aspects.
Firstly start from my academic background. I received my M.S. degree from University of Edinburgh & Glasgow. Sensor & Imaging Systems(专业名称)My undergraduation major is Automation,During my university life, I joined Robot Lab also participated in some Robotics Competitions and won awards. Now, I am pursuing a key to Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, and hopefully, I could conduct my Ph.D. study under Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute.
# I chose this major because it better connects academic and practical applications
The second part is about my research experience. My stong interest in scientific research came from . Through the study of my master's course: sensor application, I learned about the area of Visual lidar and SLAM technology. After I back China Last year I served as Group RA in JZU FAST-Lab, and joined in a project around autonomous navigation of swarmed robots. In addition, I reading plenty of papersand books related to SLAM , with the help of Group, I learned about UWB sensors, IMU sensors, and how to do multi-sensor fusion. Currently, our team plan to publish paper in IROS journals and Such a strong academic atmosphere reinforced my desire to pursue a Ph.D. Degree.
Thirdly, I want to talk about my self-evaluation. Through the experience of those projects, I realized my strengths mainly include active head and quick action. I own the capability to analyze some problems deeply, learn the new area and take the patient to solve the problem. These can be proved in the recommendation letter from my supervisor in University of Edinburgh. In team work, I believe I am a positive, observant, organized person, I like and am good at communicating and dealing wit other people.
Finally, I think the attraction of this Phd program is that it has a good connection between academic research and industrial applications, which I think is important for PhD student. At the same time, it allows me to enjoy the resources from abroad while studying in Nanjing, which is a city I would like to develop in the long term. It is a great honor for me to be one of the students here. I would like to try my best to become a qualified Phd student in the future.
That's all. Thanks for your time.